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Back Massage
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Exterior Alert  System


Using the latest Ai technologies applied to the CCTV surveillance camera. Offering high accuracy and low false alarm rate exterior alert features.

This can be effectively preventing intruder's further damage to the windows or doors. Stoping them at the second they enters your back yard.

Also the CCTV system can be integrated to your house security alarm system, gives you louder siren alert from the security alarm sirens. 

Thermal Image System

  • Ai Thermal image  system can be used for many applications, such as:

  • Stopping visitors/staff whoever has abnormal body temperature getting into the work place.

  • Detecting fire at the very early stage, especially for a large warehouse.

  • Integration to the access control system gives you extra protection of your business.

Identify hazards early with Ai Thermal cameras

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People Counting System

Have you seen security guard at the shop front for limiting the number of customers walking into the shop? Well, it's waste of labour cost, now you can let the people counting system does the job. 

Calculating the numbers of shoppers who enter your store or mall throughout the day can help you to improve your operations in a number of ways. It becomes possible, for example, to precisely match the number of staff during busy times to the need, improving service, and then reduce staff during quieter times to save on operating costs.

In these and a number of other ways, counting people in-store helps retailers optimise their strategies and maximise conversion and revenues. However, the task of accurately counting customers over an extended period of time is a difficult one, particularly as legacy camera technologies are not always up to the task.